On fevers, shutters and kernel panics

I’ve been pretty sick these last few days (the only times when I dislike living alone). Btw, I don’t know how it usually works here in Germany, I’ve decided to not go to a doctor, because it’s probably just a flu and sitting in a waiting room with 38.7 body temperature only to get an advice of staying in bed doesn’t seem very productive, but how is it supposed to be handled? Back in Russia I’d make a house call, but my regular insurance here doesn’t cover that.

One good thing came off me being sick — I’ve been able to sleep with light and even some noise. Usually I have this weird kind of insomnia, which it’s not that much about me not being able to fall asleep, but rather waking up from any kind of disturbance — including tiny lights or any noises. Which leads me to my love of shutters, that are installed pretty much everywhere around here. No need to suffer with blackout curtains that are never really blackout and all that. Why don’t we have these things back in St. Petersburg? That would make so much more sense with White Nights and all.

However, today my feverish brain played a joke on me — I woke up and my first thought was that I have some kind of kernel panic in my bedroom window. I think I’ve ran through the scenario of rebooting this whole thing and finding a live-usb and all that in second that it took for my eyes to focus and see that this is just sun shining through the shutters. Oh well, at least now I know that I won’t panic in case it really happens. I really don’t think I’d be surprised if it would, given how things break around me all the time.

FYI: my window is on the first picture. The second is for the reference.

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