Since there is nothing going on on the work/study front I thought I’d catalogue my current interests.
For that matter, one of the main motivations for me moving to Europe instead of US were better prospects for work/life balance. I’m, as is probably clear by now, not the kind of person who thinks that putting as much time into work as possible and some more is a good or feasible strategy.
One of the things I keep coming back to is trying to just be more active. I’ve been dabbling with lifting and calisthenics since 19, mostly because these were the most practical solutions that are easy to measure and don’t involve comparing my traditionally unsporty and chubby self with other people.
But it seems that I just lacked the right company I’m comfortable with. I’ve been going to bouldering since October, minus the 1.5 month due to COVID and we have recently started going to tennis. And while I’m still sticking to the easier routes, especially after the break, it feels good to move and solve problems and kinda proud that despite having the opposite of the ideal muscle/body fat ratio for the sport that is basically consisits of lifting your own weight as far from the ground as possible, I am still sticking to it.
We are even planning to go to the legendary park Fountainbleau, which is the cradle of bouldering.
Talking about weight, I’m doing much better with my binge eating, and the next step I decided was to actually get clothes that I like and that fit my body as it is now. Turns out it requires a lot of altering, as I have a lot of clothes that I like something about, but they rarely are completely right. So I’ve been spending some time stitching by hand and listening to audiobooks, both of which are something I couldn’t stick to before.
I haven’t been doing a lot of painting, but since starting it I started to be very interested in colors. That got me into actually doing my makeup and figuring out the scientific part of skincare.
I also really want to try ice dyeing, but I would need to wait for the suitable fabric dye to begin.
I think I generally like the idea of bespoke things. Clothes, sport, or life, I am rarely satisfied with ready made solutions, but tweaking and adjusting, optimizing lifestyles, operating systems and everything else is something I enjoy deeply.
That comes with a bunch of problems, unfortunately, including the fact that my experience is rarely useful to anybody else, but oh well, I prefer to imagine that at least something I put out there will resonate with somebody.



  1. ADHD_cat says:

    I like your thoughts. Thank you for sharing.


    1. rootkate says:

      Thank you =)


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